The Evolution Revolution on 2012: Transformation

Rather than the end-of-the-world scenarios described by The movies, the Mayan Calendar’s culmination is simply the end of one cosmic cycle and the beginning of another.

This is a time that calls for sweeping change. If we are merely walking along in the same old mind-set we are missing the signs that are all over. And what will it take to shake us out of our hypnotic trance, thinking we’re awaken?

The old ways of being and attitude do not serve us in this most transformative time. Education, industry, government and even spiritual practice must move from a self-centered, paternalistic and profit-motivated tradition to the benevolence of an enlightened mother for her child.

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Baby Boomers Are Hiring Estate Sale “Downsizing” Companies

Many middle-agers are reaching retirement age. They are ready to move on to another phase in their life along with perhaps proceed to another home. Years of deposition of childrens toys, furniture, outdated furniture, old consumer electronics, china, very and more, won’t be needed in their next move.

For many years, families passed down furniture, very and china to their children and grandchildren. Children today, for the most part just do not want that style furniture, and other family heirlooms. Maybe because we now have dishwashers and microwaves and other modern day appliances. Perhaps we as “baby boomers” would not want the china and very either, if we had the option. After all, who really enjoys the hand washing of china and polishing of silver.

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